Therapy Business Management App ClinicJot is a HIPAA Compliant iPad app that helps Therapists manage all aspects of their clients & clinics.

Easy Practice & Clinical Management

ClinicJot maintains accurate medical records of your clients and manages bookings and scheduling. It sends out appointment reminders and provides GPS directions for home visits. It generates documents including invoices, financial reports and even entire medical histories.

Fully Flexible Appointment Notes

ClinicJot enables you to produce your notes how you want to. From handwritten notes to annotating images right from your own iPad. The choice is yours…

Fully HIPAA/HITECH compliant

ClinicJot Pro stores your data securely on our private cloud server, which is managed in accordance with best international practice.

Practice Management

ClinicJot will help you manage your therapy business more effectively by providing a simple, cost effective, paperless system that enables you to:

  • Manage Client Records Securely
  • Schedule and Manage Bookings
  • Record Consent To Treatment
  • Send Appointment Reminders & Alerts
  • GPS Mapping For Outcalls
  • Raise And Send Bills & Manage Payments
  • Generate One-Touch Reports

Simple, Secure & Intuitive

ClinicJot has been designed from the beginning as a simple, intuitive iPad app so you avoid all of the fuss, time and effort often required by web-based products.

Prices from $FREE - $29.99/mo

ClinicJot is one of the most affordable EMR apps on the market. ClinicJot Classic is FREE to use and the top package is only $29.99 a month!

An EMR Designed for You

ClinicJot was developed by Therapists for Therapists. That’s why it’s so easy and straightforward to use. Our goal is to remove the stresses of running a business so you can concentrate on healing!

Watch our Video and see how easy ClinicJot is to use!

Our pricing is as simple as our app!

ClinicJot Classic

$ FREE /mo

ClinicJot Classic is 100% free for life and not limited to any time. Go on, download it for your iPad today!

ClinicJot Pro

$ 29.99 /mo

ClinicJot Pro lets you store all your Client’s data in our secure HIPAA Cloud. You can customise the app and access powerful reporting and financial tools.

Frequently Asked Questions About ClinicJot

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HIPAA is the abbreviated form of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is an American law designed to provide federal protection for individually identifiable healthcare related data held by practitioners and others in the USA. You can learn more about HIPAA at
ClinicJot Classic is our entry level solution but there is nothing entry level about its features. The best part is, its 100% free for life! Its perfect for a small therapy businesses or those looking to get a feel for ClinicJot before upgrading to Pro. It’s full of all the things you need to manage your business on a day to day basis. We simply don’t believe in restricted 30 day trials. Use it for as long as you like!

If you like Classic, you’ll just love ClinicJot Pro and you can upgrade at anytime.

When you use ClinicJot Pro we ensure that your confidential client data is kept as securely as possible. Our private cloud storage has been designed to comply with the standards required by the Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH).

Although these standards are only enforceable in the United States we believe that they represent the high level of security and confidentiality that you would wish to employ to secure your client data.

ClinicJot has been optimized to run on an iPad and is not intended for use on a smaller device.
HIPAA regulates businesses in the USA only so if you’re not doing business in America you don’t need to comply with it. However the security standards called for by HIPAA and built into ClinicJot Pro mean that your client data is automatically securely stored on our private cloud.

Although these standards are only enforceable in the United States we believe that they represent the high level of security and confidentiality that you would wish to employ to secure your client data.

Glad you asked! ClinicJot Pro safeguards all your data to our super-secure, HIPAA compliant cloud. Pro lets you totally customize the application inlcuding branding on emails, invoices and reports. You also get to access a wide range of reports and analytics.

You also enjoy unlimited free support, not that we think you’ll need it as its so easy to use. Best of all there are no contracts and you can upgrade to Pro at anytime, taking all your data with you!

ClinicJot is currently available only on an iPad. We believe that the iPad offers the highest level of mobile security and decided to launch with this device first. We are working on a Android version so watch this space!

In the meantime, our solution is so affordable (or Free in the case of ClinicJot Classic) that it works out cheaper to use us and treat yourself to a new or reconditioned iPad than it does using some of our competitors!

ClinicJot works on all iPads made from 2011 onwards (iPad 2). Even if your iPad is 5 years old, it will still work perfectly. So if you don’t have an iPad and want to use ClinicJot to manage your Therapy business – you can even buy a second hand or refurbished one!

Simplify your therapy business today! Free Sign Up & iPad App - No Credit Card Needed

ClinicJot is perfect for any therapy discipline including…

Alexander Technique
Bowen Therapy
Foot Health

Massage Therapy
NLP Practitioners
Nutritional Counselling
Oriental Medicine
Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy
Speech & Language Therapy
Sports Therapy
And Many More…